Resources :: Highly Recommended Book List



C++ for Game Programmers (Llopis)

  • "C++ for UCSD Students"
  • How I really learned C++
  • Industry-forged advice and examples
  • Treats you like a programmer
  • Great desk reference


3D Game Math Primer (Dunn & Parberry)

  • Best 3D Game Math book in print!
  • Clean explanations
  • Great examples
  • Useful code!
  • Perfect for rolling your own Math Library!!!
  • WARNING: website never updated

Graphics :: Direct3D

Zen of Direct3D Programming (Walsh)

  • Great introduction to D3D and Win32
  • Useful topics
    • Bitmap Text (HUD)
    • Sprites
    • Quake-like console

Graphics :: OpenGL

OpenGL Game Development (Seddon)

  • WARNING: I haven't read this completely
  • Good reviews from industry coworkers


No book real or "official" book on Input

Beginning DirectX9 (Jones)

  • Great Introduction to DirectX API
  • Includes a simple, but useful chapter on DirectInput

Seek help in DirectX Samples
Could roll-your-own with Win32...


Really just need sound effects and background music track to loop

Beginning DirectX9 (Jones)

  • Includes a simple, but useful chapter on DirectSound
  • Will provide what you need for sound effects and background music

DirectSound does NOT support *.mp3
Must use DirectShow for this...

Advanced Audio

I'm an audio nut
This is for the hardcore

DirectX Audio Exposed (Fay)

  • THE guide to DirectMusic
  • Amazing features!
    • Beat-mapping
    • Key-matching
    • Doppler-Effect
    • Spatialization

Don't do this unless your game is going to be seriously based on one of these features!

User Interface / Menu

DirectX9 User Interfaces (Thorn)

  • Definitive guide for rolling your own UI components
  • Simple, easy to follow
  • Code that works!
  • Perfect for game menu and HUD

Artificial Intelligence

Programming Game AI By Example (Buckland)

  • Best Game AI book in print!
  • Simple, easy to follow
  • Code that works!
  • Perfect for NPC's (if you decide to have them)


Physics for Game Developers (Bourg)

  • Simple, easy to follow
  • Useful Code!
  • Cool Topics
    • Hovercrafts
    • Force Fields

Game Physics (Eberly)

  • Complete Game Physics book
  • Uses WildMagic engine
    • Less useful code
    • Look at mathematics and concepts