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[[File:SpartaCats Logo.png|600px|]]
[[File:SpartaCats Logo.png|600px|center|Image on center]]
[[file:Mushrooms.jpg|thumb|250px|Weekly Screenshot]]
[[File:demo_battle1.png|thumb|250px|Weekly Screenshot]]
== Download ==
== Download ==
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'''USB XBox Controller'''
'''USB XBox Controller'''
[Needs to be updated]
:Move Forward: Lower Right Trigger
:Move Back: Lower Left Trigger
:Steering/Camera movement: Right thumbstick
:Cycle Front Weapon Left: Left
:Cycle Front Weapon Right: Right
:Fire Front Weapon: A
:Fire Rear Weapon: X
:Boost Thrusters: B
:Jump: Y
== Art ==
== Art ==
[[Art and User Interface]]
[[Game Art and User Interface]]
[[3D Models]]
[[3D Models]]

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Image on center
Weekly Screenshot



  • Windows 7 64-bit SP1, or Windows 8 64-bit.
  • Direct3D 11 compatible graphics card.

Spartacats Installer


Long ago, aliens invaded a far away planet occupied by the Cat, Corgi, Panda, and Rabbit nations. One hero, Spartacat mastered all three elements, earth, fire, and water, to defeat them. He gained a following among the four nations and today they celebrate by using alien technology for their gladiator games.


Vehicle combat with front weapons and rear weapons. Overall gameplay is timed deathmatch. Winner has most kills.

Color Scheme

  • Three colors red, green, and blue represent a rock-paper-scissors scheme. (Think pokemon fire, grass, water.)
  • Vehicles have defensive color. Front weapons have attacking color. Rear weapons are neutral.
  • Color influences:
  • Greater attack color => double damage.
  • Same/Neutral attack color => base damage.
  • Weaker attack color => heals defender.

Player's Equipment

  • Each player can have one of each front weapon type.
  • Each player can only hold onto one type of rear weapon at a time.

Weapon Types

  • Front Weapons (Dependent on color types.)
  • Missile: Homes on enemies for moderate damage with special terrain-aware homing. Damage influenced by color scheme.
  • Pulse cannon: Homes on enemies to stun with minimal damage. Stun time and damage influenced by color scheme.
  • Gatling gun: Auto aims to spray enemy with rapid fire moderate damage. Damage influenced by color scheme.
  • Rear Weapons (Independent of color types.)
  • Proximity Mine: Detects nearby players for high damage.
  • Fire Trail: Drop a trail of fire for enemies to drive through. Damages over time.


  • Timed with immediate activation to nullify all damage and healing.
  • Will nullify damage from pulse cannon but user can still be stunned.



Move Forward: W
Move Back: S
Move Left: A
Move Right: D
Cycle Front Weapon Left: E
Cycle Front Weapon Right: R
Fire Front Weapon: Right click mouse
Fire Rear Weapon: Left click mouse
Boost Thrusters: Q
First Person / 3rd Person Toggle: T

USB XBox Controller

Move Forward: Lower Right Trigger
Move Back: Lower Left Trigger
Steering/Camera movement: Right thumbstick
Cycle Front Weapon Left: Left
Cycle Front Weapon Right: Right
Fire Front Weapon: A
Fire Rear Weapon: X
Boost Thrusters: B
Jump: Y


Game Art and User Interface

3D Models


Gameplay Screenshots

Gameplay Videos

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Progress Screenshots

Progress Screenshots


High Level View

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