Month: June 2013

Final Report

A) 1. Besides concepts we came up with in week one, not much. We completed all of our necessary features along with most of our nice to have features — and didn’t add or remove anything in between. Initially there

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Michael – Week 9 Report

Goals Finish sound when the event thing is done. Integrate Eric’s friends stuff (quick). More playtesting. Random last week things… Goals Accomplished Got the event based sounds working (sounds when the ship collides with asteroids) Got Eric’s contact’s sound integrated into

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Week 9 Progress – Andrew

Goals place winner’s screen (will need textures from adrian) visualize boost tie in power up vis (need info from network) Particle orb on powerup platform particle effect for collisions interpolation? (server time to particles) add specular to bloom texture to

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Week 9 Progress – Farhad

Goals – Complete events system – Reintegrate object interactions – Implement gameplay loose ends Goals Accomplished – Events system complete – Object interactions fully integrated into collision model and events system Reason for Unaccomplished Goals – Pretty much accomplished everything

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Week 9 Status Report – June 4

Overall Status Control improvements. Power ups visualized on GUI, Score screen added, arrows updated, lock on alert added. Bloom added to secular lighting. Events integrated. New sounds, sounds resulting from collisions added, ambient sound added. Gameplay bug fixes, balance changes

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Kristina – Week 9 Report

Goals – Few more bugs/fixes in gameplay to get to – Playtesting to find more fixes to get done – Crosshair for tractor beam maybe (could be an option for player) – Reverse controls Goals Accomplished – Added new font,

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Week 9 Status Report – Adrian

Goals More HUD More menus? need to determine how much we want Playtest, develop new HUD elements/icons/menus depending what we decide is needed Goals Accomplished HUD nearly finalized, many more icons Splash screen and scorescreen done Created powerup model Fixed

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Eric – Week 9 Report

Goals: FINISH THE GAME Add final font into the game. Add power up sprites to HUD. Integrate the collision events. Add player insignia’s to HUD. Add player insignia’s to mother ships. Goals – Accomplished: Power up sprites added to the

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