02 June 2014

What were your concrete goals for the week?

I wanted to do powerups.

What goals were you able to accomplish?

I ended up trading with Zach, and he did powerups while I worked closely with Amy to get game states and the selection screen working. After many long nights and the hackiest code I’ve committed to the repo this quarter, we got it working.

If there were goals you were unable to meet, what were the reasons?

N/A (thank god!)

What are your specific goals for the next week?

We need to merge all of our branches to get the features we’ve already implmented working together. Then we only have a few things left. My plan is, like last week, to bounce around to whoever needs help the most with the last few features, and giving that extra bit of polish to the game.

What is your individual morale (which might be different from the overall group morale)?

I’m feeling really good. We managed to finish grading all of the HW2s for CSE 127 in addition to me having plenty of time to work on the game this weekend, and we have all of the core features implemented (mostly). Once we get everything merged, we’ll be at a good “worst case scenario” presentation point, where we could present what we have as is and be okay, which is a really good place to be in. The rest of this week will be getting everything to work together smoothly and present well.

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