26 May 2014

Overall Status

We’re almost to a state where we have a game working. Camera has been tuned to follow the player better, there is some rudimentary player control as well as some initial logic for the white wall of death, and there is a flow through the tube that will move the player. Some 2d images have been made for death icons and power ups as well as some sounds for stuff like collisions. The scene selection has some basic logic worked out but not that much progress has been made. Our goal for next week is to be play testing the game near the end of the week. The following tasks are needed to reach that state:

  • Selection screen + start game logic (countdown, make sure everyone starts at same location and same time)
  • Complete the white wall of death
  • Respawning
  • Player state (life count) properly tracked
  • Fine-tune control / camera
  • Power ups (though not necessary to play test)

Group Morale

We feel like a ~ / MAX_ASCII. The game is progressing and we have hopes to be play testing it by the end of the week. Some all-nighters are in our future though.

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