14 April 2014

Concrete Goals

  • Familiarize myself with DirectX 11
  • Decide on a 3d model format that will suppport animations and familiarize myself with it
  • Implement the parser for loading the model

Accomplished Goals

  • Familiarize myself with DirectX 11 (partly)
  • Decided on using FBX file format for models with animation and partly familiar with format
  • FBX parser currently loads vertices and indices

Problems with Meeting Goals

  • Learning DirextX 11
    • Followed a few tutorials to get the shape rendered on the screen but still have much more to learn, thus the reason for partly accomplished.
  • FBX file format
    • Got the vertices and indices loaded, but haven’t been able to figure out where the texture coordinates are stored.
  • Parser Implementation
    • Supports vertices and indices but dimensions of models have boundaries that will be solved once camera and perspectives are implemented. Still need to account for FBX right-hand rule vs DirectX left-hand rule.

Goals for Next Week

  • Expand on the FBX parser to include texture coordinates, as well as possibly normals
  • Implment an object loader for models that won’t have animation and make the load function file smart.

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