05 May 2014

What were your concrete goals for the week?

We wanted to get to our Alpha deadline, which we did, and we wanted to get several objects moving around in 3D space

What goals were you able to accomplish?

We got to alpha the night before our meeting last week, but we only have one object moving around in 3d space over the network. Two should work in theory, but we haven’t tested and debugged it yet.

If there were goals you were unable to meet, what were the reasons?

It’s been a really busy week in every other class because of midterms, but now I’m feeling the crunch, so I’m gonna put a lot of hours in this work.

What are your specific goals for the next week?

I want to have the most basic form of the game working. I want 2 or more objects steering through 3d space in some form of tube.

What is your individual morale (which might be different from the overall group morale)?

I’m feeling the burn. Tonight I’m going to pull a late night and get as much work done as I can.

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