19 May 2014

Goals From Last Week

  • Get bump mapping working properly on tube.
  • Get animation for Ecoli working.

Accomplished Goals

  • Bump mapping is now working properly on tube. The light source is currently set to be the camera, but we plan to move that to the individual players.
  • Added an Ecoli animation that animates both his tentacles and body.

Problems with Meeting Goals

  • Ran into a few problems getting the bump map to line up correctly with the texture, but upon realising that the tangent pointed in a way that was non-traditional, this was resolved.
  • Had to experiment a bit with values to start getting the Ecoli animation working properly since I discovered that the Ecoli model’s center of mass is not near the center of the model.

Goals for Next Week

  • The graphical components of the game are to a point where game logic comes first, so until we have working game logic, I don’t believe any more rendering progress will be done (beyond possibly a lighting system but not right now).
  • While I will be assisting with the player movement in the tube, we decided that I will be working on generating a tube that can vary in radius as well as produce a path that will include this data so that it will work with collisions.
  • If I get this done early, then I will be assisting Jake and Zach to get the motion logic working for the player ie: motions relative to the characters facing direction, forces being applied in the direction of the tube to make the player move in the blood “flow.”

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