26 May 2014

Goals From Last Week

  • Insert functionality of create autonomous objects on the fly.
  • Insert commands of change object state in the command line.

Accomplished Goals

  • I implemented the functionality to create autonomous objects but it still needs better management to avoid that a great number of object are created and impact the performance.
  • I improved the command line. It is working with regular expressions to make it more flexible. It now can set configurations, flags of objects, and I implemented a dictionary of game objects. With this dictionary is possible do things like set the position of object A equal the position of object B entering with the command: “set -p B.position -n A”.
  • I did some changes in the physics to make the control easier and make the fluid force variable with the distance from the center of the tube - further from the center smaller the force applied.

Problems with Meeting Goals

  • The creation of autonomous objects need better management, right now it can get control of how many objects were created in the world and make the simulation too heavy.

Goals for Next Week

  • Have the management of objects and have autonomous objects bothering the players like crazy.

What is your individual morale (which might be different from the overall group morale)?

I had a great week with some opportunities of work for the summer popping up. I could do some good advances with the command line what allowed me better test the AI now that we already have the tube.

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