Week 8 Report

Week 8 report

Group Report

1) Still working on animations (almost done!), designed our game map, added more UI stuff


2) (Week 8) Monday 6:30 PM; 5/25/15


3) Chugging energy drinks; while Marty chugs his salt.


4) add at least one of your latest screenshots to your group page





1.what were your concrete goals for the week?

Implement shadows for directional light, point light and environment light in the tiled-deferred shading framework.

Tron / sci-fi like emissive materials.


2.what goals were you able to accomplish?

Whole shadow manager and shadow caching mechanisms.

Point light shadows and ambient occlusion with temporal filtering.


  1. if there were goals you were unable to meet, what were the reasons?

Directional light shadow. Sci-fi area light.


Burned out with designing a scalable shadowing system that works both indoor and outdoor in tiled-deferred framework without obnoxious shadow artifacts as well as achieving reasonable performance.

Fighting with opengl quirks such as uniform buffer objects.


  1.  what are your specific goals for the next week?

Finish what I left off.

Texturing the map.

Post processing.

Help more with animations.


  1. Weekly morale:
  • Never thought doing shadows in Tiled-deferred shading can be so difficult. Due to tiling where the all lights are rendered in one pass, all shadow depth maps need to be in place before doing depth testing in the lighting pass.This requires careful culling of lights and caching of these shadow maps to make the shadow algorithm efficient.


  • Uniform block sucks!


std140 struct {

vec3 pos;                  // 3N

float padding;            // N

float shadowIdx[6];    // 24N wtf !! ? My whole morning was ruined.



Wai Ho Leung

  1. Support several game matches. Implement jump pads and teleporters. Send deaths/respawn events. More bombs. Send player position for minimap.
  2. Support several game matches. Send deaths/respawn events. Send player position for minimap. Send pickup item spawn event. Add functionality in backend for renaming players. Refactor sound related code. Fix bug where client crashes after join. Fix bug where players are able to shoot their feet when looking down. Fix all known network issues.
  3. Another teammate wanted to implement jump pads and teleporters. We decided to keep number of bombs at 3 for now.
  4. Fix bug where player is able to shoot through walls. Balance gameplay. Adjust explosion particle size base on explosion radius. Fix bug where explosion effects get blocked by the map. Send running/jumping status to clients.
  5. Ok.



Brian La

  1. From last week’s report: Disable rendering the player’s own model (can currently see its body parts like the legs). Work on the map and any graphics stuff that needs to be done or fixed. Any fixes/additions to the in-game editor, if needed. New goals created during the week: Create animations from our static character model. Utilize our Type-ID XML to load files (along with other info) for our character, bomb, and item pack models
  2. I made several animations (idle, running) for our robot model and modified the Model class to store multiple (animated) models and be able to swap between animations. These models are defined in the Type-ID XML and stored into each player. Also contributed in the map design during team discussion.
  3. I have not yet figured out how to disable rendering the player’s own model since I am too familiar with the structure of our entity-component system. I will ask someone who can help me with that as I also need to find the where and when to swap animations within the system. Overall, my main goals shifted to animation within the week as we have decided that Alexie should be focusing on other things after spending quite a while with the character model. Robin found several software that can help generate animations for an input model, so it took me a while to get familiar with the software and experimenting with our model.
  4. Disable rendering the player’s own model. Find where and when to swap between idle/running animations (may need to add/modify network events so I will need help on that). Testing and bug fixes.
  5. Wish I was more productive


Martin La Pierre

  1. Finish up UI and Audio
  2. making progress on both not done yet
  3. Chunked out UI and audio was tweaked but overall
  4. work on finishing the two UI and Audio
  5. Salty as ever


Phillip Ho

  1. Finish most UI with Marty and swap out sphere with bomb model with the help of Brian
  2. Pickup is just using bomb models, but we want to switch that out with crates
  3. Timer is not done because there were some delay on implementing it on the server side.
  4. Finish up the rest of the UI with Marty and anything else my teammates need me to help on
  5. Good


Wai Kit Leung

  1. Added some more game logic stuff like player dropping pickups, and healthpacks. I am also doing the map re-design.
  2. Finish all the game logic stuff. Still working on the redesign of the map.
  3. Have some proportionally issue early on when designing the map, I’ve finished the inner and outer layer, just need to connect them together.
  4. Working on applying the texture to the map, and work on audio if I have time left
  5. Aright.



1) Texturing and Animations, bomb models, crates


2) Finished the bomb models and also made some UI images for the bombs. Didn’t really get around to texturing


3) Needed to learn a little bit about PBR. Also was at a convention selling art from Thursday night until Monday night and work time was almost non-existent. I did at least look over PBR so I could do some stuff when I got back Monday night.


4) Finish texturing and UI stuff


5) Glad that Robin found an alternative to animations! Feeling like I can finish something now (after I catch up on some sleep)

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