Week 9 Report

Group Report

1) summarize your overall status for the week

Our game is coming together, we still have stuff to finish up. HUD is coming along. Texture is still being work on.


2) include both the week # and the date of the meeting

June 1. 6:30pm


3) add a statement summarizing the group morale (feel free to be creative

in expressing your morale) The salt is getting to Marty. He is going crazy. He wanted to change the salt marty bomb into an 18+ bomb…. Besides that everyone is feeling good and bit nervous since the deadline is coming up.


4) add at least one of your latest screenshots to your group page





Phillip Ho

  1. Finish up the rest of the UI with Marty and anything else my teammates need me to help on. see above.
  2. Swapout html HUD for image based HUD, looks a lot better now. Added the feature of entering a username for your character. Added a respawn button. Fixed up score board so that it remove disconnected players from the board.
  3. Was not able to finish up pre-game and end-game screen because changing the HUD to image based took a lot longer to position correctly, ran into bugs for respawn, where all players get move to the respawn screen when one person dies.
  4. Finish up swapping out HUD with images to improve the looks(transparent version) and finish up end-game screen and pre-grame screen.
  5. Good and nervous


Brian La

  1. Disable rendering the player’s own model. Find where and when to swap between idle/running animations (may need to add/modify network events so I will need help on that). Testing and bug fixes.Any in-game editor changes. Create more character animations if able to swap multiple animations.
  2. Got multiple animations to work and made it possible to swap between them (idle/running). Extended the export feature in the in-game editor to copy the current directory into a new one, including the modified world file. Exporting textured materials also includes every property that can be modified in the editor. Made a first-person running animation and a first-person shooting animation (models that only have arms).
  3. Did not disable rendering the player’s own model since we want to have each player see their arms moving while running/shooting in first-person. To do so, we’ll replace the current model with the arms-only model.
  4. Replace the player’s own model with the first-person animation models (More tricky because we have to make a nested camera and place the model in front of that camera). Once I am done with that, I will focus on gameplay testing, balance testing, bug fixes, and helping my teammates with things that need to be done.
  5. Waiting for the rest of my team to write their reports.



1) Finishing textures and UI, bomb crates


2) UI is done, Should have textures on character model done tonight!! Will then quickly move onto bomb crates


3) iFor once I met almost all of them. I didn’t finish texturing (and thus didn’t get to bomb crates) because I was having issues with unwrapping the UV, but Robin and Steven figured out a way to do a clean auto-generate of the model’s UV map so I’m currently texturing that. Also spent a while working on UI. But should have everything done in time for the final showing!




5) Pumped yo


Martin La Pierre

1) what were your concrete goals for the week? The goals of the week were UI and Audio


2) A little bit of both looking good now though


3) Still working on both but audio is basically done and UI only needs a few touch ups


4) Finish UI and Audio


5) Fear I may overdose on salt.


Wai Kit Leung

1) Fixing bugs, added client respawn on the server-side. Improve the map models, and apply texture to the map


2) Fixed most of the bugs, and finish the player respawn. Still need more work on applying texture onto the map.


3) Mapping texture coordinates took longer than expected, b/c the model of the map is circular and cylindrical, and most of our texture is squares, so I have to manually edit the unwrap uv coordinates to make it work.


4) Finish texturing and add some more model and finish the game


5) Almost there….

Wai Ho Leung

  1. Fix bug where player is able to shoot through walls. Balance gameplay. Adjust explosion particle size base on explosion radius. Fix bug where explosion effects get blocked by the map. Send running/jumping status to clients.
  2. Fix bug where player is able to shoot through walls. Adjust explosion particle size base on explosion radius. Fix bug where explosion doesn’t hit player if the bomb was spawned near player. Add random spin to newly spawned bombs. Investigate into why server is crashing. Add trailing effects. Add chat event. Fix timer. Fix crashing issue again. Fix trailing effects can be seen through walls. Fix timer not synchronized across machine. Lower Kaboom 2.0 explosion effect. Create fake pickup. Create salty marty bomb. Make pickup rotate. Fixed looking through wall issue. Fixed particles can be seen through wall issue.
  3. All goals were met.
  4. Finish the game.
  5. Finally done with the project.



Zonglin (Robin) Wu

1) Bug fixes. Optimize shadow maps. Texturing.

2) Suppose to. All except texturing

3) Texturing takes longer than expected. Need to learn different software to do good looking textures.

4) Continue doing textures and debugging.

5) LoL

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