Week 2 Report


  • Finish week 2 goals
  • Milestone: Got a network game with 2 movable cubes working

Group Meeting: Week 3:  Monday 6:30 pm

Group morale: feeling good (TSM TSM TSM); NA >>>> world, stay mad world; BabyRage marty is still SALTY BabyRage

Concept Arts:

Char_Concept1 Map_Overview

Individual Reports

Martin La Pierre

  1. Network a system to have two cubes moving with each other
  2. Networked a system to have two cubes moving with each other
  3. met goals
  4. Work more on protocol/physics
  5. Salty/Very Salty

Wai Ho Leung

  1. My goals for the week were to set up a foundation for the game client that could translate network messages and render two players with networking support. I was also aiming add some basic game physics.
  2. I implemented entity component system for our framework and was able to implement the part of the game physics. I also helped implementing the network client.
  3. All goals were met.
  4. Be able to render a player falling for the game physics. Setup encoder and decoder for translating network messages.
  5. Feeling accomplished.

Wai Kit Leung(Steven)

  1. Establish the networking framework and have a server that can communicate with two clients that can move the box on screen
  2. Settle on the networking protocol, and provided a layer of abstraction between the game logic and socket layer, in which the both the game client and the server can communicate and send data.
  3. Be able to settle on an game architecture early, each of us has an architecture in mind, but we haven’t talk about it together enough to settle on one general framework.
  4. Implement the physics layer in the server, add the game logic to the server, add more players, and merge the code base with the rest of the group.
  5. feeling hungry, need more free pizza in the lab.

Brian La

  1. Figure out how to load and use animations from an .fbx file
  2. Created a Model class that supports loading a model file and manages animations
  3. Be able to transition between animations (ex: walking to idle). I tried creating a dummy model that contains 2 different animations but couldn’t figure out how to preserve multiple animations upon importing the file. Instead, I have thought of a way to achieve the same goal through a different approach, but I haven’t tested/implemented it yet.
  4. Merge the Model class with the project code. Help out with managing the camera
  5. Feeling good and happy since TSM wonnered

Robin Wu

1. Finalize the rendering framework:

  • separated plain material and textured material for an asset
  • optimized G-Buffer to reduce the bandwidth requirement of graphics card
  • implemented normal mapping
  • implemented physically based shading
  • implemented tiled-based deferred shading
  • interface to load art assets
  • Created GUI to control as a in-game editor
  • Able to control geometry object’s material (albedo, roughness, specular, metallic), position
  • Able to change the texture of an object on the fly
  • Able to control the light position, color, direction

2. All

3. Illness.

4. Help integrating rendering system into the client code.  Implement procedurally generated sky for skybox. Implement image based lighting for the foundation of reflection. Design an efficient reflection rendering algorithm without relying on gi. Investigate a way to combine emissive materials into the pipeline, without modifying the optimized gbuffer.

5. Feeling Positive.

Phillip Ho

  1. Work with Brain on Animation
  2. Agree with Brian on an Animation scheme.
  3. Wasn’t able to create a model with 2 animation for Brian to test blending different animation.
    1. Maya was a new tool. Got to learn the new tool.
    2. Tried Blender: but realize never worked with multiple animation in one model before. Got to learn how to do that too on Blender.
  4. Goals for this week:
    1. Get a first person camera working.
    2. Maybe get 3rd person camera working.
    3. Compare between the two?
  5. Happy, Happy, Happy. Sleepy.



    • Complete concept art for playable characters
    • Complete overview of environment and other details regarding the map
    • Basic sketches of the playable characters along with features and logic of its functions
    • Basic sketches of overview of map and various features of it
    • Offered new ideas to group from an artist perspective (in terms of layout and character abilities, etc)
  1. I didn’t get as much done with the art as I would have liked. I wanted to have more detailed concepts with various angles and full colored schematics, but I only got basic sketches done. This was mostly in part to the fact that I was sick the entirety of last week. I still am, but I feel considerably better and am in condition to work longer and harder on the art again.
    • Start building character 3D character model for the game
    • Start building map environment
    • Learn programs needed to accomplish this (eg Blender, 3D Max, etc)
    • Plan to stretch this across two weeks since learning new programs and building models from scratch (or near scratch) won’t be easy
    • Sick 🙁 getting better though and ready to work harder! (Although currently nursing a headache)
    • Somewhat intimidated by the task of building 3D models…it seems really hard, but I’m excited to try (and hopefully do awesome) I’ve been meaning to learn how to use these programs for a while now and this is the perfect chance to do so.


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