Week 3 Report

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Group Report
1) summarize your overall status for the week
Still on track of the schedule. Merging the different branches, but need to finish up connecting/wiring the interaction.

2) date of the meeting: 4/20; 6:30

3) group morale
Baked (4/20); Marty is still as salty and Hai as ever!

4) add at least one of your latest screenshots to your group page


Martin La Pierre
1) Implement agreed upon protocols. Fix multiplayer. implement more physics.
2) Implemented agreed upon protocols. Fixed multiplayer.
3) We didn’t fully implement physics with ground detection and the ability to jump.

4) work on sending camera info over network, title screen, player disconnect(remove entity), bullet research, chat system , and if time conquer the world(only if we have extra time)
5) *silence*

Phillip Ho
1) First person camera.
2) Yes, I was able to accomplish the basic implementation.
3) I was not able to merge my camera after the big merge. I just have to read over the new merge code and connect it properly.
4) Connect my camera logic to the game; learn set up of entity-component in our project; start setting up Start Screen and HUD with Marty and Steven.
5) Doing well. Got a sick a bit overweek :(. Hopefully the sickness stop passing around.

Brian La
1) Be able to load a “world” file in XML format into the scene. Also be able to export the world scene into an XML file. This file contains models, materials, and lights. Each of these objects can have their properties modified with the in-game GUI editor. Merge my Model class with the main branch
2) Loading an XML file into the world scene. Exporting the world scene into the XML file.
3) Did not merge the Model class with the main branch yet, since all of the branches were getting merged over the week as well as implementing the entity-component system. Also, I was out of town for several days.
4) Implement more features for the in-game editor: load/remove models, change the textures of models, add/remove lights. Merge everything I have with the main branch. Learn the entity-component system.
5) Feeling alright. I’m starting to see the workload build up this week (along with other classes).

Wai Ho Leung
1) My goals were to render player falling onto the ground. I also aimed to improve and organize the existing networking code so that it can handle incoming network events better.
2) I was able to make the players falling onto the ground. I helped merging graphics code into our main branch. I also helped changing the network architecture so that it can process network events more efficiently.
3) All goals were met.
4)Integrate game mode and edit mode with Robin. Implement a basic bomb model. Be able to spawn a bomb. Maybe look into physics for bomb.
5)Will be busy this week with midterms. Hopefully I can meet my goals for this week.

Zonglin (Robin) Wu
1) Figure out an efficient way to do reflections
Create geometry object manipulator in the in-game editor.
Integrate the rendering engine to the game client.
Figure out why my shaders fail to compile on lab computer
Created a separation of Game Mode and Editor Mode.
2) All
3) No reason
4) Implement the reflection system.
Add additional manipulators object manipulators for the geometry.
Add buttons to select different object manipulators.
5) Progressing slowly but steadily

Wai Kit Leung
1)Help finish the camera integration, and implement the networking code for the camera data. Work on title screen, player disconnecting (destroy entity), chat system.
2) Finish with the networking integration with the new entity component system.
3)I was sick for the couple of days, so mostly all my goals has been push back a couple days. However, during my off time I did some research on implement a better and more customizable character physics, but our team have a discussion and decide to focus on getting the camera and setting up the world first. So we will be delaying on working the game logic and the core physics implementation until next week.

4) Help with Phillip and Brian to finish the camera and implement the networking code for the camera. Hopefully we get it done quickly so I can move on to work on the title screen and player disconnect.

5) Cloudly



1) Learn Maya

2) Build a model and start skinning and animating it

Well…I learned Maya. Also learned it was a massive pain and I have to juggle 23974632974923 different functions all at once. I also realized that geometry is very important in 3D modeling after wasting a lot of time finding out that having a 25 x 25 subdivision sphere makes for really messy modelling and that quadrilaterals don’t make circles, I decided to make something simpler than I have in mind. Therefore, I only got part of the model done.
While not an original goal, I did learn about the PBC pipeline from some videos Robin sent me because he wanted me to know how it worked while I worked on art and graphics.

3)Because learning Maya and being caught by its pitfalls took so long, I didn’t get close to finishing my model. (See above for a more specific example of what trapped me) I thought I went in having a really simple design and model but apparently I lost all my 8th grade geometry knowledge. Also, for whatever reason, Maya is kinda funky on my personal laptop so it works a little differently from the Maya on the lab computers. It’s probably just something different in the default settings, but I’m not about to go through each of the different settings and figure out what’s different. I figured out work-arounds in the meantime and I’m getting used to it.

4) what are your specific goals for the next week?
Finish model!
Pat self on back and get some sleep cuz I ain’t getting any sleep to get this finished.
Curse Maya more. Maybe start liking it. Hoping for the latter.

5) what is your individual morale (which might be different from the
overall group morale)?
Really swamped by work I have to catch up on, but not sick anymore and totally motivated to work. Intend to have completed model by tomorrow morning’s meeting. Little disappointed that I basically didn’t get anything done, but hell am I letting that happen this week.

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