Week 5 Report

Group Report

1) summarize your overall status for the week

Fixed networking issues, implemented audio, bombs blow up on contact,working in-game editor


2) Monday 6:30; 5/4/15


3) add a statement summarizing the group morale (feel free to be creative

in expressing your morale) Marty feels happy salty. Everyone is “Feeling Great!” and tried. Everyone drunk from sun god. May the heavens heal this hangover.


4) add at least one of your latest screenshots to your group page





Robin (Zonglin) Wu


1) what were your concrete goals for the week?

  • Finish the reflection probe system. Currently we can place the reflection probes in the scene. Reflection’s detail will change corresponding to the property of the surface (roughness, metallic)
  • Finish Light-weight global illumination. Currently, can receive natural light from the skybox

(not real-time, but it doesn’t matter since we are not using dynamic sky)

  • Check the math and fix the lighting model.
  • Able to load HDR files so the reflection will be more realistic.
  • Implement screen-space reflection,


2) what goals were you able to accomplish?

  • All, but not the screen-space reflection.


3) if there were goals you were unable to meet, what were the reasons?

  • Editor still need some polishment to be usable. But I think a good way is to fix it while we are making the map, since we cannot afford to spend extra blocks of time on the editor.
  • Real time SSR is bit tricky to integrate into the current reflection probe system. Figuring out how that works may take a lot of time, so I want to postpone the implementation.


4) what are your specific goals for the next week?

  • Construct a small demo scene.
  • Finalize the art pipeline. Hopefully make a tutorial.
  • Improve the editor while I am making the scene.
  • Improve the current material system, storing different maps into separate channels of a combined material texture, so that
    • 1) drastically reduces graphics memory usage
    • 2) flexible in terms of the existing shader system, so that we don’t need to write different combinations of GBuffers for different combinations of texture inputs.
  • Find a way to place reflection probe in the scene visually.
  • Plan for HDR for better shading, glow effects for emissive materials and shadow mapping for occlusions.


5) what is your individual morale (which might be different from the

overall group morale)?

  • Want to eat something better than the food in price center.
  • Want to get a better mouse. :<
  • F___ the graphics driver issues !




1) what were your concrete goals for the week?

-finish animation

-simple skin

-bomb models


2) what goals were you able to accomplish?



3) if there were goals you were unable to meet, what were the reasons?

note that this happens regularly…I would prefer you to be

aggressive in what you want to try accomplish rather than limit

yourself to goals you know you’ll easily achieve. so answering

this question is more of a reflection on the development process

and the surprises you encounter.

-I don’t really have any excuses. Rigging was unexpectedly unsuccessful but I didn’t work long or hard enough on it to fix it in a timely manner. I guess I had a midterm and SunGod weekend made it harder to work, but not necessarily an excuse. I was just lazy and unproductive this week.


4) what are your specific goals for the next week?

-Same as last week…


5) what is your individual morale (which might be different from the

overall group morale)?

-Like crap. Disappointed in myself for not doing more.


Wai Ho Leung

  1. Study bullet physics library on collision detection. Detect and handle bomb explosion on both server and client side. Extract player and bomb configurations to XML files.
  2. All of the above. Additionally, setup foundation/infrastructure for handling collision. Added functionality for detecting entities within an area. Added functionality for removing exploded bombs on client. Added functionality for picking up weapons on the ground. Extracted hard-coded constants for bomb and player to XML files. Added a upper limit of how many bombs a player can hold. Fixed network lag issue. Refactored a lot of code to allow better scalability and extensibility for different kinds of bomb.
  3. All my goals are met.
  4. Implement time bomb and remote detonator bomb. Send network events, such as weapon/powerup pickup, score, and other events to client. Implement a way of keep track scores on the server/client.
  5. =D


Wai Kit Leung (Steven)

  1. Work mostly on game logics, Implement inventory for bombs, knockbacks for bombs, health/damage system, spawn system, added a way to keep track of player status.
  2. all the above except spawning
  3. Didn’t get to implement spawning because of time, I blame sun god.
  4. Setup a simple room with texture, staircase, and objects. Have the server preload the map (for  collision) using xml. Finish spawning system, work with Marty on implementing the UI for spawning, and if I get to it, create some texture, some models for bombs/objects.
  5. Making progress, but there is so much stuff I still need to do. X_X


Martin La Pierre individual report

  1. Implement an audio system
  2. Implemented an Audio system
  3. met goals
  4. More work on audio and try and help with UI
  5. Salty/Very Salty/So much salt


Brian La

1) Finish implementing the main features of the in-game editor.

2) Finished implementing the main features of the in-game editor.

3) Finished my main goals of the week. A couple bugs/wanted features came up along the week, some of them I am holding off for the meantime as they are not that critical.

4) Expand on the current animation system so that it can handle transitions between animations. Maybe a couple fixes/additions to the in-game editor, depending on its current usability.

5) Indifferent


Phillip Ho

1) Focusing on setting up the particle system.

2) Got a basic particle system working.

3) The explosion particle is not exact the way we wanted it to look like. This just require more playing with the different numbers. Integration is not done yet since I have not full finish the particle system.

4) Finish up particle system and work with Marty on HUI.

5) Good.

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