Week 6 report

1) summarize your overall status for the week
Overall status is that we all worked on minor things that will come to fruition later in the project. Things such as beginning map design, implement library for UI, and creating multiple bomb types.

2) Monday 6:30; 5/11/15

3) add a statement summarizing the group morale (feel free to be creative in expressing your morale)

MARTY is SOOO SALTY this week!!! that if he was water, you could walk on him.

4) add at least one of your latest screenshots to your group page


~ Light Visualizer


image03    image01

~ Robot and bomb Models


~ New GUI  


~ Visualizing Collision Detection



Individual Report

Robin (Zonglin) Wu

1) what were your concrete goals for the week?

  • Construct a small demo scene.
  • Make a tutorial for creating the world.
  • Compress textures.
  • Post processing.

2) what goals were you able to accomplish?

None above….

But I finished

  • Integrated in game GUI system. With editor GUI and in game GUI separated.
  • Construct an textured infinite ground.
  • I finished jumping logic.
  • Fixed some bugs in the editor
  • Created light visualizer so that we can control lights in the editor.
  • Fixed a severe rendering bug that the edges of the geometries in the scene are not correctly shaded.

3) if there were goals you were unable to meet, what were the reasons?

  • Debugging Editor is time consuming.
  • Debugging shaders………………………… – -!
  • There are different tasks constantly showed up.

4) what are your specific goals for the next week?

  • Finish what I left off this week.
  • Shadow mapping.

5) what is your individual morale (which might be different from the

overall group morale)?

Github will say this is a feature, not a bug…..



1) what were your concrete goals for the week?

  • Redo model
  • Rig model
  • Animate model
  • Bomb models/textures
  • Crate models/textures

2) what goals were you able to accomplish?


  • Redesigned model (I made into robot girl)
  • Basically done with model! Just need to add hands/hair and then mirror it.
  • One bomb model (designed the others though)
  • I did a really simple animation of one leg moving forward and back to feed into the pipeline to make sure it works.

3) if there were goals you were unable to meet, what were the reasons?

  • I had numerous club events running this weekend that I had to manage so I barely did anything during the weekend.
  • Redoing from scratch took a while regardless, but I managed to get to most of the stuff this week. Rigging shouldn’t be take too long now that my joints make sense (I hope to get done with that tonight so I can start animating tomorrow during the meeting!). Animating will probably be the most fun for me. I enjoyed the little animation I did this week a lot.

4) what are your specific goals for the next week?

  • Do all animation sequences
  • Finish bomb models
  • Texturing of various things

5) what is your individual morale (which might be different from the

overall group morale)?

  • sleep deprived but feeling way better about what I’m getting done


Wai Ho Leung

  1. Implement time bomb and remote detonator bomb. Send network events, such as weapon/powerup pickup, score, and other events to client. Implement a way of keep track scores on the server/client.
  2. All of the above, except score-related tasks. In addition, refactored server code to allow better extensibility.
  3. The score-related tasks depend on another team member’s progress.
  4. Add sticky property to remote detonator. Make time bomb bounces higher. Implement weapon switching functionality.
  5. 🙂


Wai Kit Leung (Steven)

  1. Have the server load the collision shape base on the osg model. Added a few simple 3d models and a debug viewer to see the collision shapes. Spawning for bombs, and players. And a few minor changes here and there.
  2. All except spawning
  3. Didn’t get to it in time
  4. Got to finish spawning finally, and work on creating the maps, and fix some more game logic bugs.
  5. So-So


Martin La Pierre

  1. Planned on working audio and user interface
  2. Chipped away at both but they still need a bit of work before completion should be done soon though
  3. Reasons where all personal shouldn’t of interfered with my work but it did and I will try and make up for it
  4. Finish user interface and audio system
  5. Salty as ever


Brian La

1) Expand on the current animation system so that it can handle transitions between animations. Maybe a couple fixes/additions to the in-game editor, depending on its current usability.

2) Lots of modifications/additions to the in-game editor, such as copy/paste and undo/redo, as well as bug fixes for the editor.

3) Didn’t have much time to play around with the current animation system due to features/bugs for the editor that needed/desired to be addressed.

4) Continue working with the animation system and integrate it into the game. More fixes/additions to the in-game editor, if needed (currently it needs to have multiple export destinations rather than just one fixed path).

5) Salty since TSM did not wonnered.

Phillip Ho

1) UI for in game and Start-screen; particle system

2) So worked with Marty on the UI but was not able to finish everything. Particle system was putted on hold because of UI.

3) Was not able to finish because we had to spend some time to learn how to used libRocket, which took longer than we expected, but we got a good understanding now and should be able to finish it soon.

4) Finish up UI and particle system.

5)  OK


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