Atyansh's reports

Week 3

Concrete Goals

- Add serialization/deserialization of data over the network.
- Come up with a schema for messages.
- Make Server the source of truth.
- Add Physics to the game.

Goals Accomplished

- Integrated Google Protocol Buffers to handle serialization of data.
- Created a basic protobuf schema for game events being sent from client to network and vice versa.
- Restructured Server side code and created a Game Handling loop.
- Integrated Bullet Physics with the game engine, and moved game logic to the server.
- Merge(Graphics, Networking)

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- Currently on track :D

Goals for Next Week

Not sure yet. Here are things I have in mind-
- Work on Game Logic. Put Physics to good use.
- Add more game elements, items, bullets, etc.
- Integrate game controllers with the game.