Atyansh's reports

Week 4

Concrete Goals

- Controller Integration
- Load Compound models in Bullet
- Work more on game logic

Goals Accomplished

- Controller Integration - This was simple enough
- Was able to create a compound rigid body of the mango in Maya and load it in Bullet

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- Had a really slow week since most of us including myself were busy with other events.
- Maya was notoriously difficult to learn. I tried to play around with the bullet plugin in Maya a bit but currently not sure about to make more complex physical models with multiple rigid bodies.

Goals for Next Week

- Start fleshing out the game within the engine
- Look into kinematic bodies and see if that’s a better alternative for player physics
- Interact with Graphics team more to get a features on the graphics side done so I can improvement my own game development flow. Currently feeling a bit blocked.


[5] - Been stressed from low progress, but I’m hopeful it will get better.