Atyansh's reports

Week 5

Concrete Goals

- This week my goal was to catch up on last week’s inactivity and make our game reach closer to a minimum viable product. This involved a lot of integration work and coordination with all the members of the team.
- Get player models loaded into the game that can shoot mangos, have item spawning.
- Use Kinematic Controller interfaces from Bullet to control players instead of basic rigid bodies.
- Get some more Graphics stuff integrated within the game.

Goals Accomplished

- Worked with Cindy and helped her debug issues with the camera and skybox and merged the changes with existing code base.
- Worked a bit with Brian and played more with Bullet to get item spawning logic done.
- Integrated Eddy and Victor’s bullet shooting mechanics in the game.
- Spent a lot of time working and communicating with all the members to form a more cohesive environment.

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- Miserably failed at integrating kinematic controllers to control players. Bullet’s Kinematic Controllers have serious issues that they themselves acknowledge. Spent several hours only to really understand the non-feasibility of kinematic controllers. Other people have implemented dynamic controllers for bullet which I’m now looking into as an alternative along with Eddy and Victor.

Goals for Next Week

- Work more on game logic. Get the item spawning logic that Brian wrote integrated within the game. Get dynamic controllers working. Work more closely with graphics team to get some more models like hats for items etc. Start looking into sound integration for the game.


[8] - Feeling better than last week because we now have a cool looking world to play around with.