Atyansh's reports

Week 6

Concrete Goals

- Work more on game logic. Get the item spawning logic that Brian wrote integrated within the game. Get dynamic controllers working. Work more closely with graphics team to get some more models like hats for items etc. Start looking into sound integration for the game.

Goals Accomplished

- Had a pretty poor week in terms of development. Did more work on item interaction and have more of the game logics set up although most of it is in very rough stages, so I couldn’t get anything new to demo stage.

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- Lack of motivation this week. I’m going to step up this week to catch up on lost progress last week.

Goals for Next Week

- Set up Dynamic Character Controller
- Work on hat logic and interaction
- Sound integration
- Lobbying
- Level Design


[5] - Low morale because of low progress and stress. I’m feeling a bit more pessimistic about meeting personal goals.