Cindy's reports

Week 4

Concrete Goals

- Figure out the reason the light position seems to be fixed to the model, whether it is a shader issue or something else. Set up a basic world (i.e. skybox and floor).

Goals Accomplished

- Have a floor set up and halfway done setting up skybox. Got the texture loading stuff done. But need to test it once the rest of the code is written.

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- Was completely out most of the week because of my cold, which the doctor said was not mono or strep throat but a viral infection so antibiotics was not going to make me magically feel better. Spent most of the week in pain, drinking lots of fluids and sleeping.

Goals for Next Week

- Finish all my goals from last week, work more with the server people on server integration and whatever needs to be done on the graphic sides that pops up.


-The stabbing pain in my throat is gone but still have a hoarse voice and minor cough. Besides that I am pretty healthy again I guess. So this makes my morale a bit better. But feeling behind because I was out all week. So in a slight state of panic. Though I am trying to stay calm...