Cindy's reports

Week 5

Concrete Goals

- Finish setting up the world as in add a floor and skybox. Work more with server integration.

Goals Accomplished

- World has been set up with a very high def skybox. Learned a bit more of how the server stuff worked. Started redoing camera to be more dynamic and update based on the model’s movements.

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- N/A

Goals for Next Week

- Finish camera rework and try attaching it to a model to see if it updates correctly. Try different camera setups. Refactor codes that involves models to pass references instead of always reloading the models when new mangos are created.


- I am not longer sick. I think. My voice still sounds weird but I am starting to forget what I used to sound like… Besides that work is getting done finally. So… Yay! Let’s hope this continues…