Cindy's reports

Week 7

Concrete Goals

- Refactor classes, help Tiffany make hats and create stage, and whatever pops up that needs to be done. Like bug fixes. Fix lighting issues.

Goals Accomplished

- Classes have been refactored. Movements are now relative to camera. Created a stage with an awesome billboard.

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

-Did not receive list of hats to make until later. At that point, I was busy trying to figure out why some objects in the stage I made did not have physics when I loaded it to the game. Still needs to fix that. Lighting has not been fixed yet. Too much shader code to read through and need to review my geometry.

Goals for Next Week

- Fix lighting with Tim. Research and implement UI for the game. Fix the physics issue with the stage.


- Made stage in 5 hours after not touching Maya in forever. Much faster than expected. Glad I am not totally horrible now. The todo list on Trello is shrinking, thank goodness, so now I can breathe! :D