Cindy's reports

Week 8

Concrete Goals

- Fix lighting with Tim. Research and implement UI for the game. Fix the physics issue with the stage. Model hats.

Goals Accomplished

- Set up UI for game. Created menu screens which included the splash screen, lobby, and end game screen. Modeled a ton of hats.

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- Was focused on modeling and creating UI that we moved fixing lighting to low priority. Tried fixing the physics issue but no matter what I did, it did not fix it. Going to do something else. Sad life.

Goals for Next Week

- Fix lighting. Create pretty shaders. Figure out volumetric clouds with Tim. Add text rendering to overlay game screen. Fine tune graphics related things so that we don’t embarrass ourselves at the demo next Friday.


- Got a lot of stuff done and we were able to move things from our Trello to the “done” section! :D So feeling good so far.