Cindy's reports

Week 9

Concrete Goals

- Fix lighting. Create pretty shaders. Figure out volumetric clouds with Tim. Add text rendering to overlay game screen. Fine tune graphics related things so that we don’t embarrass ourselves at the demo.

Goals Accomplished

- Lighting is fixed, as in we get rid of complicated lighting so it looked more cartoony like our game. Clouds are there (Thank you Tim). Text does work and I have created some UI for the players such has a health bar and icons to represent lives.

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- Had no time to look into pretty shaders. Fine tuning is still a work in progress.

Goals for Next Week

- Everything. As well as convincing people to go to Harry Potter World or Disneyland with me.

Goals for Next Week

- Everything


- Exhausted from the little sleep. Kind of bummed about life. Need lots of caffeine.