Deerstalker's reports

Week 2

Things are going well so far. We have set up a basic framework for both Graphics and Networking and have managed to integrate them together.
Here’s a video of our progress showing the Networking and Graphics code working in tandem-

Example shows 4 clients.

While there's a singular cube, the movements of the cube are sent over the network to the server, which then broadcasts the movements to all the clients connected to the server. With multiple cubes, we could make each client move a particular cube as well. The framerate is normally maintained at 60fps but slows down due to video recording software.

On the graphics side, we have loading models, applying shaders and textures done. Now we are beginning to add in lighting and cameras.

As you can see from the image above, there is a model loaded and textured applied onto it using shaders. There is no lighting, which is why it is so dark. Please note that this model will not appear in our game. It was part of a tutorial followed to setup shaders.