Deerstalker's reports

Week 3

Things are still going pretty well. We achieved our major milestone of integrating Physics and new Graphics models to create a mini game of movable and colliding mangos. Currently the mangos are setup as simple boxes in the physics engine. Here’s a video of showing the physics engine in action with the new models.

One client shows the mango models, while the other client shows the actual shape of the cube objects for a better perspective.

This was a huge milestone for us since this involved implementing the full server/game loop and moving all the game logic to server side (along with integration of Physics).

Also for the graphics team we were able to setup shaders using VBO and VBA in order to have enhanced performance and nicer shading for our game. This includes setting up directional lighting as seen here

Some bright white lighting

Model with no lighting

Changing the lighting to be more reddish

In addition to the shaders being set up, we have a scene graph structure in place to make it easier to manipulate the objects in the world.

Along with that, our artist has been hard at work on designing concept art for our game and modeling them in 3d. Here’s some pictures of the progress-

Some Concept Art

Some interesting Hat Designs along with character concept art.

Level themed costumes

Character Design

3D modeling.

We’ve also been testing our game over the network with multiple computers and have been having a bit too much fun playing around.