Deerstalker's reports

Week 4

This was a slow week for us because most of our team members had other obligations. We added gamepad integration within our game and made the game playable with a gamepad.

On the Physics side, we were able to load a compound shaped object using the Mango object model, creating a Mango shaped physical body using Maya. Here’s a video showing the new Mango physics in action-

The new Mango rigid bodies allow the Mangos to roll around like real mangos

On the Graphics side we were able to start getting the animation setup. After doing some research, we decided to use FBX since it’s more widely used and ASSIMP supports it. We were able to so far successfully load external FBX files into our game.

In terms of art, we now have a basic 3D model of our character with a skeleton. However the skeleton has not yet been rigged and bound to the model.