Deerstalker's reports

Week 5

This was pretty good week for us. We got proper camera and skybox setup working within the engine, giving us a better environment to experiment with game physics and logic in.

We integrated Tiffany’s skeleton models within the game as player models, and added the ability to shoot mangos for each player. We’re still working on shooting orientation, but the shooting mechanics should become more precise once we have dynamic controller interfaces for players set up (also making players more player like).

Shooting mechanism at work.

We also have been working on item spawning logic and items (hats) can now spawn randomly at any chosen intervals.

Item drops at work.

Our model that Tiffany drew can also now be loaded by ASSIMP. Seemed like we needed to just export the model as one mesh. Now, the next thing for animation is to get the skeleton to show properly and animate it. Currently able to load the bones in and will continue to work on it to display properly.

A shot of the skin painting process