Deerstalker's reports

Week 8

Progress has been really smooth on all fronts. We have a Main Menu and Character Selection screen now. Added 5 different hats in total on the graphics side though hat game logic is only up for a couple hats. Hats are now loaded directly as items instead of crates (though maybe crates are better as a surprise?).

Most importantly, we finally have our character animation working. Tiffany has been really excited to work on the more fun animating portion now. We’ve added a couple animations (running and punching), though we plan to add a few more (jumping, stunned, propeller hat spinning, maybe a taunt).

Our code went through a bit of refactoring and we’ve moved to building our code in release mode now that we have animations and almost bug free gameplay.

Character movement was switched back to using forces (while preserving the orientation of the models). The Physics simulation was sped up so the gameplay feels much more natural now (though we plan on refining it more).

We plan on adding more brawler elements to our game to make it more exciting. Hat abilities would be controlled by 2 buttons now, planning to add other items that turnoff/lower gravity for a bit, release a shockwave, etc.

Was originally planning to have sound this week but pushing that to next week for now.

Here’s a video of our progress