Tiffany's reports

Week 8

Concrete Goals

- Finish the improved model
- Add animations to the model: stance, running, and punching

Goals Accomplished

- Added animations to the model!

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

- After rigging and animating the new model, it still refused to load properly to Open 3D Model Viewer. So I decided to try it out on Unity to see if it worked (since I conveniently have Unity on my laptop), and it did! Later Cindy redid the rigging from scratch, and we learned that perhaps there is something with Maya’s HumanIK function that Assimp doesn’t like, making the model appear collapsed when animated. So with Cindy’s rigged version of my model I was able to create animations!
- Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make any hats because I was away for the weekend for VIS 149, but Cindy also helped with that.

Goals for Next Week

- Most important: Skin the model
- Add more animations as necessary


- In high spirits!