About Us

We are a team of 6.

Brandon Milton

Dylan Pereira

Ethan Yiting Li

JJ Tran

Raj Kumar

Sylvia Li

Team Updates

Raj’s Update: Week 9

What were your concrete goals for the week? For this week, I planned to get score updates sent to the client, get those updates reflected in Brandon’s leaderboard GUI, then make sure that the game gracefully ends after some¬†player reaches a target score.¬†After this, I wanted to work on defining the scoring rules: e.g., how …

Brandon’s Update: Week 9 (06 June 2017)

Concrete Goals This week, my concrete goal was to make the game feel better while playing. This involved working on UI elements, making movement smoother, finalizing unit orientation, lasers, and attack sounds. I prioritized fixing game-breaking bugs and stabilizing features. I was not inclined to try anything super ground-breaking. Accomplished Goals I accomplished pretty much …