Spring 2024

The goal of CSE 125 is to experience the design and implementation of a large, complex software system in large groups. Over the course of 10 weeks, the groups decide on the features of their project, specify its requirements, create a design and implementation schedule, implement it, and give a public demonstration. To make the class exciting as well as challenging, the project is a distributed, real-time, 3D, multiplayer game of each group's design.

Video: Introduction
Length: 10:33

Wrong Cave (TBD Studios)

Kenzo Ku, Nick Petrone, Tyler Roache, Marcelo Shen, Khanh (Killian) To,
William Wu, Sean Yen

Video: Wrong Cave
Length: 22:37

Chords of Chaos (Group 2)

Wing Chan, Junwei Chen, Shane Kim, Tim Lacaba, Jacob Lin, Ryan Rickey, Kira Tran

Video: Chords of Chaos
Length: 20:06

Wrath of Zeus (Torchlight Games)

Edward Jin, Gil Keidar, Tyler Lentz, David Min, Jong Hyun Park, Anthony Tarbinian, Jiawen Wang

Video: Wrath of Zeus
Length: 28:49

Goobs in Geisel (Group 4)

Hannah Grehm, Zihang He,
Suprith Krishnakumar, Jeffrey Liu,
Sandy Wu, Sally Yu, Vincent Zhang

Video: Goobs in Geisel
Length: 16:13

Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

Anh Le, Zhuoran Li, Rana Lulla, Matthew Peng, Melody Ruth, Alan Sun, Benjamin Xia

Video: Four Seasons
Length: 20:44