Spring 2001 Groups

Digital ForPlay

This is a real-time 3D war strategy game (based on the game Myth). The goal is to win the war, either by wiping out your opponent(s) or making them surrender.

Members: Marie-Pierre Aldinger, Ryan Brunton, Bashir Eghbali, Mark Froehlich, Phong Trinh, Corey Tulis

Team Cybertron

This is a "racing/shooting game with a capture-the-flag emphasis, using a Transformers First Generation motif. There are two basic modes of gameplay, where we implement both a racing and a shooting game with Autobots from Transformers. Players have the ability to switch between modes, whichever is more advantageous."

Members: Edwin Cheung, Stan Chin, Matt Devico, Leo Mortero, Don-Duong Quach, Duc Truong

Demon Monkey Fighter

"...we intended to create a humorous parody on first-person-shooters like quake and doom, with stunningly appealing graphics that would blow away the competition. The core of the game was to be centered on combat between monkeys using wacky weapons, all while running across a terrain or climbing jungle trees."

Members: Yoway Buorn, Sunny Chow, Craig Donner, Kuowen Lo, Hua-Yong Hu, John Rapp

Team ?

"Space Wars is an exciting ride through the galaxy blending all the sportsmanship and competition of soccer with the peril and skills of Asteroids." This is a "1st Person space shooter emphasizing team play in a version of “Capture the Flag”. Each team attempts to capture the other team’s “flag,” taking it to their own base to gain a point, while at the same time defending their own flag from the other team’s forces."

Members: Phillip Chou, PaulJames Dimitriu, Kevin Lau, Richard Phipps, Amy Tinsley, Lori Tynan

Team Spudnik

"Commercial break... you have a few minutes until your favorite show starts again. As a couch potato it is your job to complete various missions in time to watch your favorite shows. Navigate your couch, alone or in a team, around the 3D environment fighting off other couch potatos just like you."

Members: David Bednar, Nick Castin, John Gallagher, Cyrus Jam, Sanjit Patel, Daryl Sterling, Baylor Triplett