Spring 2004

Final demo on Friday, June 4, from 4:00-5:30pm in Peterson 108

The goal of CSE 125 is to experience the design and implementation of a large, complex software system in large groups. Emphasis is placed on the development process itself in addition to the final product. Over the course of 10 weeks, the groups decide on the features of their project, specify its requirements, create a design and implementation schedule, implement it, and give a public demonstration. To make the class exciting as well as challenging, the project is a distributed, real-time, 3D, multiplayer game of each group's design.

Video: CSE 125 Introduction
Speaker: Geoff Voelker
Length: 12:20


Group 1: Geteilte Stadt (A City Divided)

Nick Butko, Cameron Chrisman, Bekki Hui, Jan Schellenberger, Alex Simma, Edward Wu

Video: Geteilte Stadt
Speaker: Edward Wu
Length: 15:16

Team Ice Cube: Kampus Kombat

Allen Ding, Nikhil Dvivedi, Karen Hom, Zhao Yong Liu, Sean Ojakian

Video: Kampus Kombat
Speaker: Zhao Yong Liu
Length: 10:28



Team Florida Orange Juice: Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis

Jeff Cole, Justin Klein, Andrew Strauss, Nakul Verma, Christopher Yap

Video: L.J. has Cirrhosis
Speaker: Justin Klein
Length: 11:51

Team Mother: Mars AtTACK

Scott Benner, Carny Cheng, Paolo Concha, Stefan Dorsett, David Tanguilig, Andrew Wood

Video: Mars AtTACK
Speaker: Andrew Wood
Length: 6:21



Group 5: G1S

Santos Cordon, David Fischer, Hansen Liou, Ivan Ospina, Ravi Singh, Kevin Smith

Video: G1S
Speaker: Santos Cordon
Length: 10:54