Spring 2011

Final demos on Friday June 3, from 4:00-5:30pm
Price Center Theater: Map | Directions | Parking
(NOTE: Different venue this year!)

The goal of CSE 125 is to experience the design and implementation of a large, complex software system in large groups. Emphasis is placed on the development process itself in addition to the final product. Over the course of 10 weeks, the groups decide on the features of their project, specify its requirements, create a design and implementation schedule, implement it, and give a public demonstration. To make the class exciting as well as challenging, the project is a distributed, real-time, 3D, multiplayer game of each group's design.

Video: CSE 125 Introduction
Speaker: Geoff Voelker
Length: 11:00


(Ace Tres)

Tzu Yin (Sheila) Chen, Zachary Gerlock, Andreas Mavromatis, Laura Park, Nathan Trans, Tim Wang

Video: Ace Tres
Speaker: Andreas Mavromatis
Length: 6:49

Linux Kinetic Combat Action Simulator (Team Isplay)

William George, Robert Gross, Michael Matthews, Chris McFarland, Elliott Slaughter

Video: LKCAS
Speaker: Elliott Slaughter & William George
Length: 13:40

Tangled Defense (Group 3)

Jinjutha Brahmbhaesajsakul, Jennifer Chandler, Andrew Chen, Robert Dunlap, Dorothy Nguyen, Le Ngoc Nguyen, Karen Pang

Video: Tangled Defense
Speaker: Jennifer Chandler & Dorothy Nguyen
Length: 12:05

The Enemy's Gate is Down (RAD2)

Alex Lopatin, David Lord, Raymond Michel, Ricky Ng, Adi Singer, David Watson

Video: The Enemy's Gate is Down
Speaker: David Watson
Length: 13:33



BEAST Mode (Teh L3ftoverz)

Doug Macklin, Manuel Navarro, Jason Obenberger, Daniel Price, Corey Smith, Igor Terzic

Video: BEAST Mode
Speaker: Doug Macklin
Length: 18:37