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  • Controls
Added XBox360 controller support with Erik


  • Controls
Added trigger support
  • GameLogic
Design Object hierarchy with Erik and Theresa
Created classes for Vehicle, Weapon, Armor, StaticObject, and TerrainObject (no implementation yet)


  • Controls
Added some actions for driving
Added code in HandleInput for left thumbstick
  • GameLogic
Started working on implementing basic player actions.
Added a concrete class for FrontWeapon and Projectile


  • GameLogic
Spawned a projectile!


  • General
Added a GameSettings XML file for our global game settings
  • GameLogic
Projectiles now fire in the direction of the player thanks to [Erik]'s GetCameraDirection()!
Added contcrete RearWeaponObject ProximityMine[Weapon,Projectile]
Updated sending packets from server to client for dynamic object creation with [Erik]
Refactored Weapons structure. Front and RearWeapons no longer inherit from WeaponObject
  • Network
Added ProjectileNetworkData struct to ProjectileObject to pass along the ownerID to the client.


  • Sound
Began working on AudioEngine
Can play sounds but need to load tho wave file each time


  • Sound
Moved loading of sounds to the asset manager
Bug present when loading sounds into a buffer


  • Sound
3D sound v1.0!
  • GameLogic
Added pulse cannon and tried (failed) to do on release actions. Postponing on release actions.


  • GameLogic
Add the remaining Weapon classes
  • Sound
Played with FL studio to get some crappy sounds


  • Sound
Add sound for engine and pitch adjustment based on velocity
  • GameLogic
Added Vehicle and "attached" vehicle, front, and rear weapon to player for reference
Added logic for key release actions with Erik

4/23/2013 - 4/29/2013

  • Sound
Optimized 3D sound by deferring updates to buffer
Began looking at and editing sounds
  • GameLogic
Refactor controls with Erik to allow for up, press, down, and release key states
Refactor weapons to allow for diverse gameplay

4/29/2013 - 5/6/2013

  • Sound
General sound debugging
Coordinated sounds with game logic
Began learning sound editing
  • GameLogic
Added turbo, shield, and ghost items
Added some on collision sounds (not yet committed)
  • TODO:
Learn how to edit sounds
Figure out how to release sound buffers (callbacks? events?)
Add quality sounds to the game
Add rear weapon logic
Add elemental properties

5/7/2013 - 5/20/2013

  • Sound
Refactored sounds to be less CPU intensive
Continued sound editing
  • TODO:

::Learn how to edit sounds ::Figure out how to release sound buffers (callbacks? events?)

Continue sound memory management
Continue adding quality sounds to the game
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