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Vehicle combat with front weapons and rear weapons. Overall gameplay is timed deathmatch. Winner has most kills.

Color Scheme

  • Three colors red, green, and blue represent a rock-paper-scissors scheme. (Think pokemon fire, grass, water.)
  • Vehicles have defensive color. Front weapons have attacking color. Rear weapons are neutral.
  • Color influences:
  • Greater attack color => double damage.
  • Same/Neutral attack color => base damage.
  • Weaker attack color => heals defender.

Player's Equipment

  • Each player can have one of each front weapon type.
  • Each player can only hold onto one type of rear weapon at a time.

Weapon Types

  • Front Weapons (Dependent on color types.)
  • Missile: Homes on enemies for moderate damage with special terrain-aware homing. Damage influenced by color scheme.
  • Pulse cannon: Homes on enemies to stun with minimal damage. Stun time and damage influenced by color scheme.
  • Gatling gun: Auto aims to spray enemy with rapid fire moderate damage. Damage influenced by color scheme.
  • Rear Weapons (Independent of color types.)
  • Proximity Mine: Detects nearby players for high damage.
  • Fire Trail: Drop a trail of fire for enemies to drive through. Damages over time.


  • Timed with immediate activation to nullify all damage and healing.
  • Will nullify damage from pulse cannon but user can still be stunned.



Move Forward: W
Move Back: S
Move Left: A
Move Right: D
Cycle Front Weapon Left: E
Cycle Front Weapon Right: R
Fire Front Weapon: Right click mouse
Fire Rear Weapon: Left click mouse
Boost Thrusters: Q
First Person / 3rd Person Toggle: T

USB XBox Controller [Needs to be updated]

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