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Update (06/08/2013): This is not reflective of our actual quarter at all.

Week 1

  • Create RealClient w/ basic rendering
  • Decide what kind of game to make
  • Set up input device
  • Bump mapping, lighting

Week 2

  • Simple DummyClient-EchoServer network
  • Integrate EchoServer with RealClient
  • Error logging system
  • Design GameLogic, UML Diagrams etc...
  • Text rendering and HUD, shader management, glow effect
  • Concept art for characters with vehicle

Week 3

  • Create RealServer and integrate
  • Have simple 3D collision detection
  • General particle system and rain particle system
  • Dummy low-polygon models

Week 4

  • Finalize at least one level design
  • Finalize weapon design
  • Smoke particle system

Week 5

  • Simulate physics between characters and static objects
  • Implement standard weapon
  • At least one fully polished model
  • Transparent textures for UFO beam

Week 6

  • Implement at least 1 special weapon
  • Add winning and losing mechanics to GameLogic

Week 7

  • 3D sound
  • Fancy vehicle physics for drifting/quick turns
  • King of the Hill mode
  • More special weapons

Week 8

  • Catch up week
  • Shadows

Week 9

  • Catch up week
  • Animation

Week 10

  • Polish and test like crazy
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