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Kristina – Week 9 Report

Goals – Few more bugs/fixes in gameplay to get to – Playtesting to find more fixes to get done – Crosshair for tractor beam maybe (could be an option for player) – Reverse controls Goals Accomplished – Added new font,

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Kristina – Week 8 Report

Goals – Implement more Powerup types, integrate with the new event system – Polishing gameplay, changing things based on Play-testing – Maybe help out on the client side? Goals Accomplished – Finished powerup gameplay (shield, pulse, speed boost) – Fixed lots of

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Week 7 Status Report – May 20

  Tractor Beam Video:   Overall Status Programmable shader pipeline integrated Tractor Beam improved Powerups started Lots of bug fixes! Team names and color schemes created Morale: Seems to still be a bit of a slow week compared to earlier

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Kristina – Week 7 Report

Goals – Finally implement Power-ups – Improving Tractor Beam – Fixing Bugs – Play-Testing gameplay Goals Accomplished – Finished implementing holding objects with tractor beam (movement as a group and relative to each other is dependent on both the object’s and

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Kristina – Week 6 Report

Goals – Tractor Beam and Thruster Capacitor Limitation – Figuring out ideal values/Testing – Implementing Boundary pull away “Tractor Beam” – More asteroids and their generated positions and/or velocities – Power-ups if time allows Goals Accomplished – Set up the Extractor – Set

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Kristina – Week 5 Report

Goals – Test Multiplayer Resource Gathering/Stealing – Implement Tractor Beams and integrate with the Resource gameplay – Improve resource gathering/taking/giving to have fluid movement – Possibly start on Power-ups if time allows Goals Accomplished – Implemented Tractor Beam Pull and Push (Push

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Kristina – Week 4 Report

Goals – Get all basic gameplay elements included: Asteroids, Mothership, Resource, Tractor Beam in a simple state Goals Accomplished – Added Server Classes for all the necessary gameplay objects (Asteroids, Mothership, Resource, Tractor Beam) with a few properties – Added Client

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Kristina – Week 3 Report

Goals – Implement Collison Detection and Response – Have the Physics engine work with Asteriods – Connect Physics with the Graphics engine – Connect Physics engine with Controller for Ship Movement Goals Accomplished – Added simple sphere collision detection and

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Kristina – Week 2 Report

  Goals – Research Physics – Implement basic movement physics Goals Accomplished – Looked up basic physics properties and formulas – Looked at a few tutorials and example physics engines – Put together some of the class structure for the

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