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Week 9 Status Report – June 4

Overall Status Control improvements. Power ups visualized on GUI, Score screen added, arrows updated, lock on alert added. Bloom added to secular lighting. Events integrated. New sounds, sounds resulting from collisions added, ambient sound added. Gameplay bug fixes, balance changes

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Week 6 Status Report – May 13

Overall Status Tractor beam holding implemented Resource Extractor integrated Sound improved (3D sounds implemented) More asteroids added (with random positions and velocities) Boundary style change to sphere Network improved (Delta sends/recvs with compression) Rotational collisions implemented Collision detection improved Morale:

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Week 5 Status Report – May 7

  Progress Video Engine: Gameplay (1 Player): Overall Status Tractor beam implemented and visualized Resource extractor model completed Sound integrated Score and game timer added Particle effects added Controls refined Morale: Making progress, feeling pretty good. “Dad! I’m in space!

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Week 4 Status Report – April 30

    Progress Video: Week 4 Progress Video Overall Status Mothership & asteroid models/textures completed Ship/base identification arrows implemented (hud) Support for more entities added Single player resource gathering implemented Server loop implemented. General server/network robustness increased. Morale: “Space Court.

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Project Spec Updated

A link to our project spec has been posted in the Project Spec page. Note: Spec is subject to change.

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