Month: April 2013

Michael – Week 4 Report

Goals Clean up input code a bit. Work on sound engine. Goals Accomplished Input code finalized. Mostly done with sound engine. Reason For Unaccomplished Goals Need to work with Eric to possibly send velocities so we can get doppler effects and

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Tyler – Week 4 Progress Report

Goals for the week: Simplify and smooth ship controls Initialize server-side entities from config file Accomplished: Controls are now less erratic, rotational damping (will stop spinning, max rotation speed) Implementing namespaces for each entity’s ‘static’ initial values. S_Ship now loads

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Week 4 Status Report – April 30

    Progress Video: Week 4 Progress Video Overall Status Mothership & asteroid models/textures completed Ship/base identification arrows implemented (hud) Support for more entities added Single player resource gathering implemented Server loop implemented. General server/network robustness increased. Morale: “Space Court.

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Week 4 Progress – Andrew

Goals Note: Less ambitious goals this week due to midterm and job interview. :/ – Add in support for more entity types (as they’re needed) – Research particle effects (possible implementation of rudimentary effects). – Implement at least one HUD

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Kristina – Week 4 Report

Goals – Get all basic gameplay elements included: Asteroids, Mothership, Resource, Tractor Beam in a simple state Goals Accomplished – Added Server Classes for all the necessary gameplay objects (Asteroids, Mothership, Resource, Tractor Beam) with a few properties – Added Client

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Eric – Week 4 Report

Goals: Get a main server loop setup. Associate player names to client IDs. Add the ability to change physics variables via server console. Add network parameters to config file. Add the ability to reset the game state without forcing clients to disconnect. Goals

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Week 4 Progress – Farhad

Goals – Debug and complete collision model – Complete collision response – Change map boundaries to a sphere – Begin implementation of different gameplay entities Goals Accomplished – Collision model completed – Collision response added, needs debugging – Gameplay entities

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Week 4 Status Report – Adrian

Goals Model Mothership Texture Mothership Texture asteroids Goals Accomplished Model Mothership Texture Mothership Texture asteroids Reason for Unaccomplished Goals No unaccomplished goals this week! Goals For Next Week Develop UI Sprites Model Extractor Module Texture Extractor Module Morale Great! Finished

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Tyler – Week 3 Progress Report

Goals for the week: Implement all core classes Object-specific rendering (per entity) Create makefile/Simplify build Implement quaternion-based rotation Implement Force-based physics for objects Accomplished: Create makefile/Simplify build — not compiling everything for both server and client. Implement quaternion-based rotation Implement

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Week 3 Status Report – April 23

    Progress Video: Week 3 Progress Video Overall Status Graphics Engine fully integrated with network and serverside physics Third person camera implemented Custom window size/config file functionality Xbox controller and keyboard functionality implemented UDP to TCP conversion complete Player

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