Month: April 2013

Week 3 Progress – Andrew

Goals – Fully connect graphics engine to network (and thus physics engine on server) – Add in support for more entity types – Add in appropriate update functionality for all supported entity types for updates from network – Third person

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Week 3 Status Report – Adrian

Goals Texture player ship Create skyboxes Model asteroids – determine methodology Model Mothership Goals Accomplished Textured player ship Skyboxes created Basic asteroids established Mothership still WIP Reason for Unaccomplished Goals Skyboxes were both more time consuming (and successful) than expected,

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Week 3 Progress – Farhad

Goals – Implement collision detection/response – Implement object movement – Integrate physics engine into the rest of the project Goals Accomplished – Began implementation of capsular collision model Reason for Unaccomplished Goals – Still having trouble with software. On the

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Michael – Week 3 Report

Goals Work on an abstract controller interface. Get controls integrated into the game. Get configuration file stuff set up. Start working on creating other entity classes. Goals Accomplished Finished controller interface. Completed XBox and Keyboard implementation. Integrated controller code into gameplay as

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Eric – Week 3 Report

Goals: Change networking protocol from UDP to TCP Send player controller input over the network. Send all other game state objects over the network. Add player IDs and max client count. Finish the core networking code. Integrate networking with physics engine.

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Kristina – Week 3 Report

Goals – Implement Collison Detection and Response – Have the Physics engine work with Asteriods – Connect Physics with the Graphics engine – Connect Physics engine with Controller for Ship Movement Goals Accomplished – Added simple sphere collision detection and

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Status Report Week 2

 Goals Finalize Concept Art Player Ship Motherships Basic Extractor module Create player ship model modelled skinned Experiment with Asteroid generation Completed Goals Finalized concept art player ship modelled and skinned Preliminary asteroids begun, no definite answer yet though   Goals

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Week 2 Progress – Farhad

Goals – Research collision and physics systems – Begin implementation of collision/physics Goals Accomplished – Planned out how to implement physics and collisions: Decided what collision model to use Decided how to architecture physics in relation to the rest of

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Week 2 Progress – Andrew

Goals – Learn/Research Directx9/D3D – Implement basic versions of: Window creation Camera Object position/direction based Rendering Model/texture loading (and rendering) Goals Accomplished – Learned a decent amount of dx9 – Implemented basic versions of:  Window creation Camera Object position/direction based

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Eric – Week 2 Report

Goals: Get a UDP echo server/client working with Michael Encapsulate the networking code into classes/objects Maybe try to dabble with sending game objects over the network Goals – Accomplished: Got the UDP echo server/client working. Got the networking code into

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