Month: May 2013

Tyler – Week 8 Progress Report

Goals for the week: Play test Help with UI Accomplished: Modified controls and movement damping Minor tweaks to gameplay Not completed: Adjust collision to reduce rotation Play testing Goals for next week: Long list of tweaks and things to add

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Week 8 Status Report – May 30

Overall Status Network stabilized! Substantial client-side improvements — improved GUI, game start sync, load speed Powerups working, visualization in progress Added offensive/defensive capabilities to tractor beam (mini-game to steal resources from other players) Demo machine playable — tested and verified!

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Michael – Week 8 Report

Goals Actually play test with everyone! Wrap up sound and music. Config tweaking? Game menu? Goals Accomplished Got quite a bit of play testing in this week. We were able to play test for a bit on the demo machines and

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Eric – Week 8 Report

Goals: Allow clients to initiate a game. Print network throughput on the client. Integrate collision events into the master branch. Work on making sure the client will not miss any collision events sent by the server. Goals – Accomplished: Network

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Week 8 Progress – Andrew

Goals Finish Bloom (Sun effect) Visualize Powerups All that other stuff that needs doing, whenever the time is right for each of them. (HUD updates with new sprites, “radar” system (with tyler?), winner screen (or however we’re doing that), splash

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Kristina – Week 8 Report

Goals – Implement more Powerup types, integrate with the new event system – Polishing gameplay, changing things based on Play-testing – Maybe help out on the client side? Goals Accomplished – Finished powerup gameplay (shield, pulse, speed boost) – Fixed lots of

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Week 8 Status Report – Adrian

Goals Develop Menu Screens Create splash screens for each faction Playtest Create all mothership skins Develop HUD iterations Goals Accomplished Developed Scoreboard screen Playtested Created all mothership skins Arrows and icons for the HUD Reason for Unaccomplished Goals Simply refining

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Week 8 Progress – Farhad

Goals – Complete events system – Reintegrate object interactions – Implement gameplay loose ends Goals Accomplished – Events system debugging. Still needs further debugging and integration with the new network code Reason for Unaccomplished Goals – Family emergency – I

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Tyler – Week 7 Progress Report

Goals for the week: Configure gameplay parameters Work on ship “power” Finish debugging collision… Accomplished: Collision is working properly! Most of gameplay has been parameterized and is configurable. Adjusted some object configuration Cleaned some code — using more encapsulation and

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Michael – Week 7 Report

Goals Collision sound effects. Play testing. Music. Some re-factoring? Goals Accomplished Got quite a bit of play testing in at home (not really “multiplayer” when you are on both computers) Re-factored a bit of the sound code for easier collision sound integration and

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