Month: May 2013

Week 7 Status Report – Adrian

Goals Locate and fix all backwards polygons in models Resolve orientation issues Develop HUD Develop teams/Player Skins Goals Accomplished Located and fixed all backwards polygons in models Resolved orientation issues Developed team stories and Player Skins-Splash screens coming Reason for

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Week 7 Progress – Andrew

Goals – Switch engine over to programmable pipeline (oh boy…) – Use that programmable pipeline to get some sweet new shader action going (OH BOY!) – All that other stuff that needs doing, whenever the time is right for each

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Week 7 Status Report – May 20

  Tractor Beam Video:   Overall Status Programmable shader pipeline integrated Tractor Beam improved Powerups started Lots of bug fixes! Team names and color schemes created Morale: Seems to still be a bit of a slow week compared to earlier

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Kristina – Week 7 Report

Goals – Finally implement Power-ups – Improving Tractor Beam – Fixing Bugs – Play-Testing gameplay Goals Accomplished – Finished implementing holding objects with tractor beam (movement as a group and relative to each other is dependent on both the object’s and

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Week 7 Progress – Farhad

Goals – Fix collision detection (may require a new algorithm) – Reintegrate object interactions – Play test Goals Accomplished – Collision detection should be fixed and hopefully never need touching again – Events system partially implemented, but needs tuning and

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Eric – Week 7 Report

Goals: Allow clients to initiate a game (all clients press start, or enter or something along those lines). Print network throughput on the client Maybe change the way names got out of the game state (have to clarify with Andrew)? Power-ups? Goals

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Tyler – Week 6 Progress Report

Goals for the week: Game scale & Entity config Rotational collision Resolve collision eccentricities Accomplished: Implemented rotational collision — no longer can rotate through an object, will deflect while rotating Organized config and created initialization utils Modified collision detection —

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Week 6 Status Report – May 13

Overall Status Tractor beam holding implemented Resource Extractor integrated Sound improved (3D sounds implemented) More asteroids added (with random positions and velocities) Boundary style change to sphere Network improved (Delta sends/recvs with compression) Rotational collisions implemented Collision detection improved Morale:

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Eric – Week 6 Report

Goals: Fix an elusive bug in the networking code that seems to only appear over network connections (not localhost). Look into reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent over the network (either compression, deltas, or other optimizations).

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Week 6 Progress – Andrew

Goals – HUD: Winner screen/popup. Maybe some indication of where to take a resource once you have it (arrow to base that turns on when you have a resource). – Simple velocity based position prediction model to fix jumpy ship

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