Eric – Week 3 Report


  • Change networking protocol from UDP to TCP
  • Send player controller input over the network.
  • Send all other game state objects over the network.
  • Add player IDs and max client count.
  • Finish the core networking code.
  • Integrate networking with physics engine.

Goals – Accomplished:

  • UDP to TCP conversion completed.
  • Player input sending completed.
  • Framework for sending game state over the network implemented.
  • Player IDs and max clients implemented.
  • Core networking code complete.
  • Integration with the physics engine partially complete.

It wasn’t practical to implement sending all the game state objects we intend to send as we haven’t yet hashed out all of the data we want to store in those object yet. However, the framework is in place and adding new objects will be pretty straight forward.

The Integration with the physics engine is pretty much complete, though we haven’t yet settled on a main server loop. Once we get that done, I’ll be comfortable in saying we have completely integrated the physics engine.

Goals for next week:

  • Get a main server loop setup.
  • Associate player names to client IDs.
  • At least create basic skeletons all the objects we wish to send over the network (mainly grunt work).
  • Add the ability to change physics variables via server console.


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