Week 3 Progress – Farhad

– Implement collision detection/response
– Implement object movement
– Integrate physics engine into the rest of the project

Goals Accomplished
– Began implementation of capsular collision model

Reason for Unaccomplished Goals
– Still having trouble with software. On the lab computers Github has to be reinstalled every login, and VS 2010 doesn’t save settings. So I tried installing the software on 2 other PCs. One one the download manager wasn’t working, and on the other VS 2010 would fail to create a project.

Goals for Next Week
– Debug and complete collision model
– Complete collision response
– Change map boundaries to a sphere
– Begin implementation of different gameplay entities

– Our team is doing great, but I’m worried that I’m not doing as much as I could or should be doing. Hopefully VS 2012 works on my computer so I can have a reliable place to work outside of the computer labs.

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