Michael – Week 3 Report


  • Work on an abstract controller interface.
  • Get controls integrated into the game.
  • Get configuration file stuff set up.
  • Start working on creating other entity classes.

Goals Accomplished

  • Finished controller interface.
  • Completed XBox and Keyboard implementation.
  • Integrated controller code into gameplay as well as sending controller data over the network.
  • Got configuration stuff set up.

Reason For Unaccomplished Goals

  • Need to start working on other entities, I have a presentation for another class soon, so it is a little delayed.

Goals for Next Week

  • Create those other entity skeletons.
  • Integrate those entities with gameplay (getting all the entities into the engine).
  • Possibly work on some actual gameplay from our pec so we can start playing a game that actually has goals.


Good, I like that we are getting everything integrated without too many problems. I think we are ahead of our schedule so far.


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