Eric – Week 4 Report


  • Get a main server loop setup.
  • Associate player names to client IDs.
  • Add the ability to change physics variables via server console.
  • Add network parameters to config file.
  • Add the ability to reset the game state without forcing clients to disconnect.

Goals – Accomplished:

  • Main server loop set up.
  • Player names associated with client IDs and player ships.
  • Added a “framework” for changing physics variables from the server console
    • I don’t know what parameters would be good to set for the physics engine so it’s not really complete yet
  • Network parameters added to config for both client and server.
  • Added reset, and quit commands to server.

Goals for next week:

  • Extend game state to include game time and score.
  • Set initial spawn locations for mother ships and player ships.
  • Get an initial sense of good boundaries.
  • Pretty much make our game, a game.
  • Study for two midterms


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