Kristina – Week 5 Report

– Test Multiplayer Resource Gathering/Stealing
– Implement Tractor Beams and integrate with the Resource gameplay
– Improve resource gathering/taking/giving to have fluid movement
– Possibly start on Power-ups if time allows

Goals Accomplished
– Implemented Tractor Beam Pull and Push (Push is not yet finalized and not hooked to controls)
– Added dropping of resources when hit by objects
– Resources now move to their spot on the Ship/Mothership instead of just appearing there

-1 Player Gameplay:


Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals
– Controls have now been improved, so next week it will be easier to test and polish some of the new gameplay

Goals for Next Week
– Tractor Beam and Thruster Capacitor Limitation
– Figuring out ideal values/Testing
– Implementing Boundary pull away “Tractor Beam”
– More asteroids and their generated positions and/or velocities
– Power-ups if time allows

– Excited to start lots of testing/playing the game next week

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