Eric – Week 5 Report


  • Extend game state to include game time and score.
  • Set initial spawn locations for mother ships and player ships.
  • Get an initial sense of good boundaries.
  • Study for two midterms

Goals – Accomplished:

  • Game timer and player scores are now sent to clients.
  • Initial spawn locations are set for mother ships and player ships.
  • Initial boundaries are set, but I think they may be too big.
  • One midterm down, one tomorrow….
  • Worked with Andrew to fix the server reset so it works as we expect it to.
  • Added a pause functionality to the server.

Goals for next week:

  • Fix an elusive bug in the networking code that seems to only appear over network connections (not localhost).
  • Look into reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent over the network (either compression, deltas, or other optimizations).
  • Allow clients to initiate a game (all clients press start, or enter or something along those lines).
  • Work with getting more asteroids on the playing field.
  • Start power ups.


Last week was pretty busy, so hopefully I can get more done this coming week. Overall feeling pretty good.

“Yeah yeah yeah okay okay.”

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